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ZByte Games of San Francisco, California, a maker of innovative, high-tech card and board games, has completed a market test with key retailers of its ZByte card game product. The sales figures -- remarkably high for a modest -- demonstrate the potential of ZByte.

To estimate the inherent interest in the ZByte playing card deck, marketing and advertising were kept to a minimum during the test. ZByte's sales show its potential in the $200,000,000 annual worldwide playing card market, as well as in the huge board-game market. A broad range of players have given favorable reports and reviews have been very good. With proper marketing and advertising, ZByte could generate a growing revenue in two of the largest markets, playing cards and board games, and its basic principle of Boolean logic has possibilities in casino gaming and computer games.

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ZByte Games is seeking a buyer that can exploit its promise. In addition to its registered federal trademark, copyrights, and dot-com domain name, ZByte offers a published playing card deck, two prototype board games, and two prototype casino slot machine games.

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