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Chaos Control: Simplify Your Life

Are you overscheduled and overwhelmed? Feeling overcommitted and too busy even to handle daily tasks? From chaos and confusion to simplicity and solutions, this inspiring workshop provides specific strategies that will support you in gaining control of your time, increasing efficiency, and leading a values-based life. Learn how to balance your work and personal life, make conscious choices and reduce stress. Design systems to streamline your information flow and master the decision-making process that will keep your priorities in focus and your calendar on track. Leave with the motivation, skills and resources to create and maintain a lifestyle of choice.
Organize Your Office: From Chaos to Control

Come learn how to systemize, categorize, and visualize your information, time, and space. Discover creative ways to capture all your paper by turning piles into files. Create foolproof paperflow systems and design personalized and efficient filing systems. Streamline your emails so that you manage your In-box with ease. Gain control of your time with 30-second access and productivity tools. From the home office to the corporate office, you'll leave with strategies to overcome the information overload of today.


Organize Your Office: From Chaos to Control
January 24, 2018, Wednesday, 6:30-9pm

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Christine Rose, owner of Chaos Control,
inspires and guides clients in a lifestyle of choice.
She provides consulting, coaching,
and motivational workshops on life and work priorities,
values-based schedule planning and effective
time management.

Christine designs creative, customized solutions to
streamline office systems that increase productivity
and performance. As an around-the-world traveler,
she brings a global perspective to her work and life.
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