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Some of our most popular consulting, coaching and hands-on services include:

Overcome information overload and regain control of your work and life.
Turn piles into files and find anything in 30 seconds or less.
Create customized filing systems based on your specific needs and working style.
Systemize your internet and email activities so that you control your computer.
Maximize your office space and reclaim your desktop, drawers, and walls.

Balance your work and personal life so that you can live fully and focused.
Learn to prioritize, schedule, and manage your time more effectively.
Make conscious choices that support your values and vision.
Achieve greater clarity about your roles and goals in life.
Design systems that help you meet due dates and reduce stress.

Understand the mechanics of Quicken and Quickbooks to simplify your finances.
Design customized accounts and categories that match your lifestyle.
Create a clear financial picture that helps you strategize for the future.
Prepare for the tax man with the push of a button.
Feel empowered knowing that your finances are in order.

Christine Rose, owner of Chaos Control,
inspires and guides clients in a lifestyle of choice.
She provides consulting, coaching,
and motivational workshops on life and work priorities,
values-based schedule planning and effective
time management.

Christine designs creative, customized solutions to
streamline office systems that increase productivity
and performance. As an around-the-world traveler,
she brings a global perspective to her work and life.
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Serving Clients Worldwide

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