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Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.
------Chinese proverb


You were the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. With such skill and grace you accomplished so much.

-Interior Designer

You've improved the quality of my life. Thanks for all the help, support and direction you give me throughout the year. You're so productive. You always work faster than the speed of light. You whirling dervish!
-Lawyer, Mother of Four

Christine has brought so much energy to my life...thanks for just being there. She has the utmost integrity to handle my business affairs including money or confidential papers. She is an encouraging person with the gifts of patience and sincerity. She is the consummate teacher. Each organizational process that we address is done so that I will be able to continue with ease.
-Theatre Producer

Christine gives you her all. She is very focused and hears, picks up, and senses all words, language and environment. My mind is stimulated and my heart is responsive. My emotions are acknowledged and we have laughter. She has an enormous gift of interaction.
-Small Business Owner

Thank you for your continued hard work, endless ideas & seemingly limitless patience...the changes you've help me achieve in my home-office are really monumental & I'm loving being so organized.
-Life Coach

The office looks great. It's lovely to see my desk clear. You inspired me to toss until 3am! I'm sure I'm not the easiest client to work with. Thank you for the encouragement over the months and for helping me find humor in the process.
-Restaurant Owner

Truly, I feel healthy, happy and joyful! And, you have much to do with getting my life in order so that I ENJOY myself...and my family and friends!
-Non-Profit Educator

You have such a good, positive energy - such a great smile and always such good vibes. The sun always shines when you're around. Thanks for making my spirit soar.

What you have taught me and illustrated to me is how to live my life. The thing that I admire most is that you always take care of yourself and teach that to others.
-Organizing Consultant

Thank you again for making my life run smoothly and for your wonderful self. You are so nice to work with (even when I'm miserable!).

I am just so relaxed listening to your voice. I just want to remove all the clutter from my life and throw everything away. There is something truly medicinal about hearing your calm voice.

-Internet Sales Company Owner

I appreciate your encouragement, positive support and energy.
-City Department Manager

I appreciate all of the work that you've done for us, and especially the things that you've taught me about getting and keeping things around here organized. Thank you for your celestial patience.
-Screenwriter, Mother of Three

You did it all with a fabulous attitude and approach that has made working with you a real pleasure.
-Music Producer & Television Host

Thank you for your support, time and clear questions regarding my meeting with a new accountant. I couldn't have done it without you.
-Marketing Consultant

You've got the job! You can be my travel agent anytime. All arrangements worked out beautifully and it has been a trip filled with fun, relaxation, memories and shopping. Thank you for all your help. I'll be approaching my work with much renewed energy.

-Mother, Family of Six

Thank you for my best birthday ever! The party really made me happy. I have you to thank for that.
-Office Manager

Christine has skillfully and cheerfully tackled my (previously) utterly chaotic and disorganized professional and personal life. She is particularly competent in the areas of focusing, discipline, simplifying details, and follow-through. She has such a broad range of organizing knowledge and is very supportive and encouraging. I look forward to working with her on a regular basis.
-Property Development Owner

Christine has a bright sense of humor, tempered by a strong intellect and an ability to get the job done. Christine's record of reliability is without flaw.
-Event Company

You make life worth living. I was so stunned. Incredible work. Outstanding. You're a saint. You went beyond what I thought was capable.

-University Professor

Thanks for our session. It was so great. I'm so relieved. You've taken a huge weight off my shoulders. I can quickly find things at my fingertips - in 30 seconds or less!
-Public Relations Director

Thank you for the session. I feel much more in control of everything - thanks to you! I love my new Franklin-Covey system. I'm 100% more organized than I was before our meeting.
-Real Estate Agent

I've sold my mother's house and cleared out her storage unit. I downsized from a 3-bedroom house to a 1-bedroom house. I'm putting things "like with like." I feel more balanced and light and simple. I owe it all to you.

It's amazing how much we accomplished. Great things are happening with the calendars and file system. The lasting effect is wonderful.

The things I learned with you gave me such a sense of freedom. You freed me and simplified my finances. I owe it all to you.

I really appreciate everything you did. You're so good that I'm going to have to fit you into my budget.

Thanks for everything. We made great progress. I appreciate all you did and have implemented quite a bit.
-Investment Broker

Thanks for all your help. I'm feeling relieved about everything.
-Hair Salon Owner

Your work with me is paying off in dividends. I got a lot out of my connection with you.
-Psychologist & Corporate Trainer


Christine's seminar was excellent: deep, real, valuable and offered so much.

I liked your energy, attitude, and knowledge.

Thought-provoking. I loved your quotes and stories.

A very nice presentation that made me think of the big picture and how my day-to-day activities do (or don't) fit with my values, vision and goals.

Fantastic. Your presentation was simple to understand but comprehensive in its overall coverage. I appreciated the references to other authorized sources.

She taught a great way to simplify the purging process and provided excellent tips on organizing your life.

Christine is a joy to be around and teaches very well. She is especially well prepared, very professional and delightful to be with. This seminar exceeded my expectations.

The seminar was very well organized and covered everything I could think of. The information on products was great.

Great ideas to attack the piles of papers and stuffed file cabinets; go take these seminars!

There is something for everyone! And the presenter is charming!

Great seminar! Loads of good information and resources.

I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and appreciated all the tips and motivation provided to help us get organized, both at home and work. I have started implementing the ideas and hope to be completed real soon!

This seminar covered a variety of topics and answered most of my questions without having to ask them.

Great hands-on, concrete, detailed information that I can definitely implement.

Christine motivated me to actually start doing something about my messy ways instead of just thinking about it.

How have I survived without this education and training for so long?

Wonderful; very informative and inspiring.

Christine shared creative ideas and ways to make the overwhelming seem manageable.

She stayed focused on the task but had a playful approach that helps people feel successful.

I have permission to give away, purge, & plan with no guilt.

Wonderful seminar and very practical and well-presented. Tons of useful information, e.g., product info, clutter control, etc.

A wealth of ideas for many types of people and systems.

I highly recommend taking this seminar. Christine is pleasant, patient, and thorough.

Excellent! She knows her stuff!

Christine Rose, owner of Chaos Control,
inspires and guides clients in a lifestyle of choice.
She provides consulting, coaching,
and motivational workshops on life and work priorities,
values-based schedule planning and effective
time management.

Christine designs creative, customized solutions to
streamline office systems that increase productivity
and performance. As an around-the-world traveler,
she brings a global perspective to her work and life.
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