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Simplify & Celebrate Your Life
From chaos and confusion to simplicity and solutions, this inspiring seminar provides specific strategies that will support you in gaining control of your time, living more fully and leading a simpler, more satisfying life.

Learn how to:
Balance your work and personal life and reduce stress
Make conscious choices that support your values
Achieve greater clarity about your roles and goals
Define, honor and focus on your priorities
Create instant access to things you need and use
Communicate clearly and concisely
Appreciate and celebrate the moments of life!

Time Effects
Come play this time management game of strategy and creativity in which you benefit by maximizing efficiency, introducing simplicity, & confidently conquering obstacles in order to achieve balance & win at the game of life. You䴜ll be given practical guidance and tools so that you can consciously choose how to prioritize and schedule your time and design systems that help you meet due dates and reduce stress.

To play your best, you must find out the "Object," verify the Contents," learn the "Rules and Strategies:"

Object: The object of Time Effects is to know your values, strive toward your vision and reach your goals while maintaining balance in the game of life.

Contents/Equipment: Each player has a playing piece, gains some important allies and watches out for treacherous obstacles.

Rules & Strategy: Players accrue points by defining their values and goals, working with allies, overcoming obstacles, and learning how to prioritize to make winning decisions. Players lose points for wasting time, procrastinating, and not learning from their experiences. The key is to develop life-long strategies to make life-affirming choices.

From Chaos to Order:
Creating Balance and Organization

What would a more organized office and environment make possible for you? Conquer your organizational challenges and regain a sense of balance, choice, and productivity in your office and life.

This interactive seminar is designed for those who are ready for positive change and provides participants with the motivation, skills, and resources to create and maintain an organized environment. Learn how to systemize, categorize, and visualize your information, time, and space according to your individual working style. Turn piles into files and find anything in 30 seconds or less.

Design simple systems that put you in control, on time, and with an improved professional image. Master the decision-making process that will keep your priorities in focus and allow for less stress and more success.

T.E.A.M. Treasures: The Wealth in Relationships
This proactive seminar teaches how to use the power of a team to uncover treasures in relationship. Whether two people or 200, successful teams create synergy, engage our imaginations & produce extraordinary results.

We'll explore:
Creating your own unique team with shared values and goals
Action steps to take so that you're operating from priorities and choice
Powerful ways individuals can contribute to their teams
How to set commitments and boundaries that produce positive results
Effective communication skills that guarantee a smooth-running team
Appreciations that strengthen the team spirit and increase power and trust.

Christine - Kudos to you. You're a breath of fresh air. You are a gracious
speaker, wise beyond your years. The information you conveyed was both practical
and thought-provoking not to mention heart-warming and humorous.

-UCLA External Affairs

This is a great program presented by a sharp speaker . . . Come again next year!

-Toyota Motor Sales

Excellent presentation. Well-articulated. Fun, motivating, and stimulating.
-UCLA Extension

Dynamic speaker, presenter and facilitator who fosters a 'Win-Win' attitude
. . . Our event was a great success!


Please contact us if you would like to customize
or adapt a seminar for your company or association.

Christine Rose, owner of Chaos Control,
inspires and guides clients in a lifestyle of choice.
She provides consulting, coaching,
and motivational workshops on life and work priorities,
values-based schedule planning and effective
time management.

Christine designs creative, customized solutions to
streamline office systems that increase productivity
and performance. As an around-the-world traveler,
she brings a global perspective to her work and life.
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